American Community Television is a non-profit, 501 (c) 4 organization dedicated to the preservation of public, educational and government access television channels through the promotion and advocacy of positive federal legislation.  ACT works, through communication with federal officials, for the passage and protection of federal statutes which establish and enhance the ability of local communities to use electronic media for the benefit of their citizens via public, educational and government access (PEG) television channels and to insure the accessibility for all citizens regardless of their socio-economic status.

Board of Directors

  • John Rocco, President, is currently the Executive director of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Access Corporation in charlotte, North Carolina and has 22 years of public, educational and government access management experience. Prior to arriving in Charlotte in 2006, John served as Executive Director of C-NET, a government and education access channel, in State College, Pennsylvania from 1988-1998. In October of 1998, he was named Executive Director of Dayton Access Television, a public access facility in Dayton, Ohio, where he served until his hire as Executive Director of CMPAC. He also has served as a member of the National Board of Directors of the Alliance for Community Media from 1996 to 2002, including four years as Mid-Atlantic Region Chair, and is a Past National Chair of the ACM serving in that capacity in 2002. In addition to his current position as Chair of American Community television, he also serves as Chair of the Public, Educational and Government Access Committee on the Executive Team of the Southeast Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors.
  • Lori Panzino-Tillery, Secretary, is the Manager of the Office of Business Development for the City of San Bernardino’s Economic Development Agency (EDA) and General Manager for the Inland Empire Media Group, IEMG, the City’s television channels which currently offer a government channel, a public access channel and an educational channel. IEMG also offers studio and contract video services for other cities and public groups. She is also the City’s Franchise Administrator who has actively worked on local government franchise issues for over ten years.  Ms. Panzino-Tillery also consults the EDA on utility and telecommunications issues and is the staff advisor to the City’s Community Television Commission.  As a Past President for the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) Ms. Panzino-Tillery testified on telecommunications issues on behalf of local governments across the nation before a US Senate Committee and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
  • Richard Treich, Treasurer, is the CEO of Front Range Consulting, Inc. (FRC). FRC was formed in December 2002 shortly after the closing of the Comcast/AT&T merger. Dick was the SVP of Rates and Regulatory Matters for AT&T Broadband and its predecessor, TCI Communications since 1995. Mr. Treich has been actively supporting local governments in reviewing regulatory filings by cable operators, franchise negotiations and litigation issues with cable operators since forming FRC. Prior to forming FRC, his responsibilities with AT&T Broadband included setting the strategic direction on the rate and regulatory policies within AT&T Broadband including basic service and equipment rates, FCC technical filings, telephony filings and copyright filings. Additionally, he was a key contact for the FCC regarding AT&T Broadband’s regulatory filings and appeals of local rate orders. During his tenure with TCI, Dick was also responsible for TCI’s Franchising group. Prior to joining TCI, he was the Partner-in-Charge of KPMG’s National Cable Consulting Practice and held similar positions within KPMG in the Electric, Gas, Water and Telecommunications Utilities practice. Dick has over 25 years of regulatory experience and has been an expert witness in several hundred regulatory proceeding and several court cases.
  • Michael R. Bradley is a partner of Bradley Hagen & Gullikson, LLC. Mr. Bradley has a national regulatory practice in cable television and telecommunications and experience before state and federal courts, the FCC, state PUCs and State Legislatures. His work has resulted in being recognized as a Minnesota “SuperLawyer” and “Rising Star Attorney” by Minnesota Law and Politics and as an honored professional in the National Register’s Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals. Mr. Bradley has successfully managed projects, both large and small throughout his career. He also acts as the administrator for several entities. His services have saved his clients thousands of dollars, while maintaining excellent services. Mike also serves as special counsel to the Lighthouse Law Group, PLLC in Seattle, Washington.
  • Melissa Tench-Stevens majored in Broadcasting at San Jose State University. She has worked at KGSC TV, ABC affiliate KNTV and KICU TV. While at KICU TV she was Director of Programming and Station Operations for over ten years. In 2000 she became President and CEO of The Evers Group. Since October of 2008 she has been Executive Director of Tri-Valley Community Television in Pleasanton, overseeing three PEG stations. Melissa has been recognized with several Emmy nominations from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Telly awards and received the Tribute to Women in Industry “TWIN” award from the YWCA.
  • Nantz Rickard is the President and CEO of the Public Access Corporation of the District of Columbia/DCTV since 1994, and is also one of its founders, having built the center from its inception beginning in 1987.  She started in the field of public and community cable television access in 1979. Ms. Rickard has broad ranging experience in all aspects of operating access centers, including having worked on the technical and systems aspect of assessing, purchasing and installing production and telecast equipment.  She has been a producer, director and editor. She developed rules and policies and operating procedures, and has directed operations at two cable television public access centers.  Ms. Rickard participated in multiple cable system transfers, franchise negotiations, and assisted in updating D.C.’s cable television statute.  Ms. Rickard has served on the transition teams of three mayors for the District of Columbia in telecommunications and communications.  She served twice on the Alliance for Community Media National Board of Directors, including as Board Development and Personnel Committee Chair and on the Board of Directors of the Mid Atlantic Region.  She has worked with various boards of directors in strategic visioning, planning and board development, and has assisted several organizations with their organizational development, structure and business management (and facilities development), including the Alliance for Community Media and its Regions, the Brookland Community Development Corporation, and MELD/EvenStart of the District of Columbia.  Ms. Rickard has a degree in music from Indiana University School of Music, and her law degree from Catholic University Columbus School of Law, where she graduated with honors and  received a certificate from the Communications Law Institute, and was recognized as a Student Scholar.

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Executive Director

  • Bunnie Riedel started Riedel Communications in January 2005. Her client list includes federal government as well as local government entities, nonprofit organizations and most recently, a retail business. Before creating Riedel Communications, Bunnie was the longest serving executive director of the Alliance for Community Media. Bunnie has delivered hundreds of speeches (nationally and internationally) on telecommunications and the First Amendment,and has written extensively on these topics as well as nonprofit management. She also has advised regulators and elected representatives at the local, state and federal level as well as nonprofit boards of directors and CEO’s.  Bunnie has most recently taken on the role of Executive Director of American Community Television, a 501 (c) 4 organization, to educate and advocate on behalf of Public, Educational and Government (PEG) access television stations across the country.

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