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Sign the Petition to Support Public, Educational and Government (PEG) Access Television

Yes! I support the Community Access Preservation Act (CAP Act)!

Send an email to your Congressional Representatives

Do send an email to your representatives’ offices (do not send snail mail).  You can cut and paste this letter for your convenience.  Sample Letter for Individuals  Also, provide groups you know (churches, nonprofits, civic groups, municipal leaders) with a letter they can use.  Sample Letter for Municipalities, Nonprofits, Educational Institutions.

Don’t Know What to Say? Try This Copy and Paste:

I support Public, Educational and Government (PEG) access television in my community.  PEG access television is an important resource for city and county council meetings; K-12 information; high school, community college and university distance learning and education; nonprofit and religious programming; and individual community programming.

The Community Access Preservation Act S. 1244 (the CAP Act) will protect and preserve these local community channels.  Please co-sponsor and vote for the CAP Act.

You can personalize your message by including information on your favorite shows or how you never miss a city council meeting or how important being able to view your religious services are to you.

It really is that simple!  Be sure to thank your legislator for their support.  And let us know if you receive a response.   Contact us here.

Contact Congress Apps for Your Smart Phone

These two free apps will help you keep in touch with your Congressional Representatives.  Use these apps to call your Congressional offices or to go to their websites and send them an email message.  For Droid use this app.  For iPhone use this link.  Let us know how your contacts go!  Contact us here.

Visit Your Legislator

Visit Your Legislator in the States

Pass a Resolution in Support of the CAP Act

Other Actions to Take Now

  • Invite your legislator into your access television center for an interview
  • Invite the legislator to do a show
  • Tell your legislator about the shows you watch on your local PEG channels
  • Tell the legislator about the show you produce on the channel
  • Cover your legislator’s events
  • Let us know what interaction you have with your legislator, it could be help for ACT hill visits!