Cable Watch

“Because They Bear Watching”

Commentary on Rising Cable Rates by Tyler May, ACT intern.

You could say that the ever crippling economy within the past decade has hurt many American
citizens financially. Well, the cable industry has some involvement with the
financial distress that citizens have been experiencing.

Cox TV Starter, for Salina, Kansas, has once again raised their cable rates;
this time is was a 19% increase.

Back in April of 2007, their price per month for the 19 channel service was $9.50; over the past
five years, it has almost tripled to $23.80, which totals to a 151% increase.
One increase during those five years was 31.5% in January of 2008.

These increases are obviously much higher than the rate of inflation in the medical and higher
education industries. If these rates continue, cable TV will be considered a
luxury instead of a commonality.

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From the Boston Globe:

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Cable Watch is a project of American Community Television (ACT).  ACT is a 501 (c) (4) organization dedicated to ensuring Public, Educational and Government access television organizations survive.  Statewide/state issued cable franchising legislation over the last few years and the deregulatory efforts of the FCC have resulted in the cable industry becoming one of the least regulated industries in the country.  Local governments and state commissions have been stripped of the power to make sure the cable industry rates are free from monopolistic practices and customer service standards are enforced in many places.  As a result, cable prices have sky rocketed and customer service has suffered.

We believe it’s time to hold the cable industry’s feet to the fire when it comes to customer service and consumer complaints.

It’s time that somebody “watches” the cable industry.